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    I understand the spirit of Son Gokū?


      This is a stone monkey, but he is self-reliant and does not fear hardships and difficulties. Continuously improve their skills, can change 72 (with entrepreneurial innovation learning ability).
           Fearless of the Jade Emperor, challenge the Buddha, make a big trip to the heavenly palace, bravely go to the capital, and dare to challenge the unfairness of the system. (Ming Chuan insists on making good products, dares to say no to unfairness, and is willing to cooperate with all partners who support trade fairness)
           Learning from the West is difficult in ninety-one and eighty-one, protect the Master, stick to the ideal, be determined, and finally achieve the right results! (Make good couplings, aim to be the best coupling brand in the world, adhere to the ideal in the spirit of "where there is a will, there is a way".)

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