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    AQ type safety coupling


    标准编号:JB/T 5987-1992
    联轴器类型:safety coupling

    Steel ball type safety coupling with non-metallic elastic elements can become a flexible safety coupling. Using it to replace ordinary flexible safety coupling can improve mechanical transmission characteristics, reduce motor starting load, reduce energy consumption and equipment investment. And it has overload safety protection for motor and other mechanical parts. The steel ball safety coupling is suitable for mechanical equipment that starts under load or frequently starts without speed regulation, such as centrifugal water pumps, blowers, air compressors, belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, mixers, ball mills, cleaning Sand rollers, rolling mills and raceways, etc.

           Characteristics of steel ball safety coupling

    1. The coupling can make the start of the power machine approximate to no-load start, the start process is stable, the peak current during the start process is small, and the peak time is reduced.

    2. Save energy and equipment costs. Since the soft start is realized, the phenomenon of the big horse-drawn carriage is avoided, the power factor is improved, the current impact is reduced, the energy consumption is reduced, and the equipment cost is saved.

    3. Adjustable safety protection. By increasing or decreasing the number of steel balls, the overload protection torque can be adjusted. When the working machine is overloaded or stuck, the coupling will automatically slip without damaging any parts.

    4. Simple installation and maintenance. The coupling is a mechanical structure, and the elastic pin is made of MC nylon material. After wear, it is easy to replace and maintain.

    5. Good shock absorption. The transmission medium of the coupling is many small-diameter steel balls. The elastic movement of these steel balls during the transmission process has a good vibration absorption effect, so the coupling can absorb the vibration of the transmission system.

           The steel ball safety coupling (basic type) consists of two parts: the part connected to the driving shaft is composed of an impeller shell steel ball rolling bearing and other parts; the part connected to the driven shaft is a semi-coupling with elastic pins Device. The two parts are connected by elastic pins.

           When the motor starts, the motor drives the impeller to rotate. The impeller pushes the steel balls in each cavity enclosed by the casing and the impeller to slide along the cylindrical surface of the casing. At this time, the resistance torque acting on the motor shaft is only the steel ball and The sliding friction torque of the housing (very small), therefore, the motor is similar to no-load starting. As the speed of the motor increases, the centrifugal force acting on the steel ball becomes larger and larger. The steel ball clings to the inner wall of the casing under the action of the centrifugal force, and the friction torque generated by the steel ball against the inner wall of the casing gradually increases, and The casing is driven to rotate, and finally the casing and the impeller are brought into synchronous operation. At this time, there is no longer a difference in rotational speed between the impeller and the casing. The housing drives the bearing seat, and the bearing seat drives the elastic pin (one end of the elastic pin is made into a drum shape to compensate for installation errors, easy installation and quick replacement), and then the elastic pin drives the half coupling to rotate together. It takes only a few seconds from the start to the simultaneous rotation of the master and slave axes. Since the motor speed is constant, the friction torque acting on the inner wall of the housing is also constant. Therefore, when the driven end is overloaded or stuck, the steel ball and the housing slip, which can prevent the motor from being burned and other parts from being damaged.

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