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    MAL type safety coupling


    标准编号:JB/T 10476-2004
    联轴器类型:safety coupling


        The MAL type sprocket friction safety coupling is a type of flexible safety coupling with elastic elements. There are double-row roller chains connecting the two coupling halves. The relative slip between the sprocket and the friction plate occurs. The safety protection function, the torque is determined according to the compression of the disc spring, suitable for connecting the two coaxial lines and the parallel axis of the transmission shaft system, and has a certain performance to compensate the relative deviation of the two shafts, can limit the torque, and overload Protective effect, transmitting torque 6.3~9500N·m, adapting to ambient temperature -20~70℃.
          The MAL type sprocket friction safety coupling is equipped with different disc springs, which are divided into two types: light-MALQ type and heavy-MALZ type.
          Characteristics of sprocket friction safety coupling
         (1) Has a small amount of shock absorption, cushioning and compensation performance.
         (2) Safely protect the motor and other parts.
         (3) Convenient assembly and disassembly maintenance.
         (4) Reliable work and long service life.
         (5) It can be used in damp, dusty and other harsh working conditions.
         (6) It can realize automatic power off and alarm.
         (7) Change the sprocket to gear or belt wheel transmission mode, you can expand the scope of use (applicable to single-coaxial sprocket friction safety coupling)

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