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    SWP A type

    产品型号:SWP A

    标准编号:JB/T 3241-1991
    联轴器类型:universal coupling


    Main features of SWC type (integral fork head) and SWP type (split bearing housing) universal coupling:

    1. With large angle compensation capability, the SWC type axis can reach an angle of 15°~25°, and the SWP type axis can reach 10°.

    2. The SWC type has a compact and reasonable structure. The integral fork head eliminates the weak link of the bolt pressing the bearing seat (cover), completely avoids the common malignant events caused by bolt loosening or breaking, and makes the work more reliable.

    3. The SWP type has a large carrying capacity and is safe and reliable to use. Compared with the same type of coupling with the same rotation diameter, the torque transmitted is greater, the matching range of the mechanical equipment with limited rotation diameter is more superior, and the service life is increased by 30% to 50% compared with other types of couplings .

    4. High transmission efficiency. Its transmission efficiency can reach 98%~99.8%, which is more obvious for high-power transmission.

    5. The transmission is stable, the noise is low, and the disassembly and maintenance are more convenient. It is used in the rolling mill drive to improve the quality of the rolled material and improve the operator's working conditions.

    SWC type integral fork head cross shaft universal coupling is divided into seven types of BH, BF, WD, CH, WH, WF and WD.

    SWP type split bearing housing cross shaft universal coupling is divided into seven types of A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

    SWC, SWP type universal coupling is composed of two universal joints and an intermediate shaft. In order to make the angular velocity of the main and driven shafts equal, that is, ω1=ω2, the following three conditions must be met:

    1. The nodal inclination angle between the intermediate shaft and the driven shaft is equal, that is β1=β2.

    2. The fork heads at both ends of the intermediate shaft are in the same phase.

    3. The center lines of the main and driven shafts and the intermediate shaft lie in the same plane.

    The installation form of the universal coupling according to their axis positions, generally divided into Z type (two axes parallel) and W type (two axes intersect), see the following figure.

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